Monday, February 12, 2007

FIRST BEER POST, finally...

Welcome to Redster's Beer.

This is the long overdue beeraholic journal -- the log of adventures trawling the world in search of the best and worst beers on offer. The original intention of having a blog was not actually to post articles I've been writing; it was to record my notes on the different kinds of beer I've consumed -- my beer. But fate is unruly, hence the more edifying has come last...

We recently had to fix the garage where my beer bottles were displayed and I decided after the big clean up that it was as good a time as any to begin putting my beer notes online. On the photo is one small part of the bottle collection [taken from the study, which is not usable right now due to the spread of bottles...] and the other two batches are still in separate suitcases though a few are already on the bottom shelf. It was a delight to go through them from a different perspective -- on the floor, you get to see all the bottle caps! (haha, such are my quirky pleasures...)

I may have over 300 different bottles (not counting the bottles [and cans] I've given away). All the continents are represented, although due to brewing traditions, some have greater representation in my beer bottle parliament than others. The collection also includes rare bottles. With the exception of two bottles which I haven't opened and two bottles that were brought back to me empty (haven't met similar ones with contents so far), the contents of each bottle in the collection I have tasted and made notes of.

Call it my alcoholic journal for my kids, a log based on the country where the beer was produced and/or bought, or who bought it for me, when a bottle or bottles were opened, what food I had the beer with, price, flavor, finish, aroma, who I was with, the circumstances I was in, the weather, war and peace, and so on.

Thanks for visiting. Drop me a line one time and share your beer comments.

Or let's swap a bottle... #


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